Nintendo Switch in multiplayer mode

4 players on the same screen or each player on their own Nintendo Switch™ in handheld mode allow players to take on their friends any where, any time.

7 Game modes

Plenty of game modes to choose from including: Championship, Sprint, Time Trial, Freestyle, Custom Race, and Leisure.

  • Championship


    There are 50 races in 12 championships, in the runabout, ski and freestyle divisions.

  • Leisure


    In leisure mode, you can move around freely. Use this to explore the different tracks and locations, practice stunts, and work on your racing skills!

  • Freestyle


    This is where you stock up points by performing stunts. Do your best combos to achieve the highest score possible.

Every jet ski you need

44 stand-up and sit-down jet skis to unlock by winning competitions. All have different power and are customizeable so you can stand out in the water.

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