40+ tracks to choose from

Sharpen your racing skills at a variety of visually stunning locations from stadiums to tropical oceans. Each location has unique weather conditions and lighting.

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Endless stunt combos

Perform every stunt from the “Superman” to the “Nac Nac” in any of the amazing locations. Then take your customized character online to show off all of your new stunts.

  • Stunt combo 1

    Nac Nac

    A one-footer when your turn the jet ski and push your foot behind you while in the air.

  • Stunt combo 4


    To do this trick you have to take both off of the jet ski and extend them outwards to resemble Superman in flight.

  • Stunt combo 2

    No hander

    For this trick, get some good air, tuck your body towards the handlebars and fly through the air with no hands on the bars!

  • Stunt combo 3

    Can Can

    The one is a great crowd pleaser! While in the air, take your foot off the jet ski, rotate your hips and extend your leg across your body. For some extra style, remove the same hand from the bars!

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